When a baby is born it is assumed the infant will grow and accept nurturing, integrate into its new environment and succeed.  That isn't always the case however.  Some infants don't grow, don't integrate, don't nurse or accept nourishment well.  This predisposition is called "Failure To Thrive".  

I have seen adults that live within this mindset, this "Failure To Thrive" mentality.  Initially it may be a subconscious choice made to shield themselves from emotional pain, or to shelter themselves from loss or catastrophic mistakes.  The end result however is a wall build from within that keeps love, excitement, passion, connection and nurturing at bay.  Fear begets pride, stated often as an "I don't need anyone" or "I am better off alone".  In the long run, a desire for safety breeds a slow emotional decline.  

Three steps to reversing the effects of this "Failure To Thrive":

1.  Acknowledge the decline.  Acknowledge the gap in relationships, the lack of growth in personal and professional goals, and the loss of time that has been wasted.

2.  Aspire to healing.  Feel and envision what connection and connecting would be like.  Imagine what it would feel like and look like to be emotionally confident with friends and family and coworkers.  Envision your life accepting support, laughter, love and encouragement on a soul level.

3.  Reach out.  Yes, take action.  Once you've envisioned change, nurturing, kindness, compassion, act on it!  Move your feet towards other people, events where you can engage, learn and grow.  Touch other people physically, hug them, place your hand on their shoulder, shake hands, physically connect, smile!  Let yourself FEEL.

It IS possible to reverse the "Failure To Thrive" rut we all fall in to at times in our lives.  As adults it IS a choice, a conscious choice we make.

Too much time is wasted, too much love slips passed.  Choose to connect today . . . choose to accept love and nurturing.  God meant for you to have deep relationships, incredible growth and a vibrant soul experience.   Imagine the joy that can be yours . . . it's right there waiting for you to open up and embrace it.  

Choose life.  Choose love.  Choose healing.

You were born to thrive baby!


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