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“One hour with Tiffany and you will be ready to conquer ANYTHING that seems impossible to endure!” - Meeting Planner

Behind the scenes for the past 20 years, Tiffany has been the secret sauce for some of the most successful national authors and speakers. Tiffany is a master content creator and impactful storyteller, inspiring and equipping individuals and organizations to SAY IT BETTER.

Using her knowledge and expertise in storytelling, Tiffany and the media team launched state-wide campaigns to raise millions of dollars in donations and volunteer trades to build homes and provide home renovations for families in dire straits featured in Oprah's Big Give and a four-page spread in People Magazine. Over the years, Tiffany has been recognized for her charity work as well as her speaking. Named in the Utah Daily Herald as one of the 50 Fabulous People and awarded in Utah's Top 100 People to Watch. Tiffany has been interviewed on Fox13, KUTV2, ABC4, and KSL5, in addition to Random Acts and the Turning Point documentary on her life by BYU TV.

Aspiring authors and speakers have sought Tiffany's ability to develop strategy, and media angles, create working copy and content, as well as media coaching and TV/radio preparation. Some of Tiffany's clients include speakers Clay Egan, Chad Hymas, Jason Hewlett, and author Rebecca Musser. Tiffany has mentored her clients on wardrobe, make-up, presentation, and on-stage choreography.

Her clients have been seen on the BBC, Fox, and Dr. Phil. Tiffany has participated as an emcee to Utah's Dancing With The Stars charity event, beauty pageants, and corporate events. Tiffany's focus when coaching authors and speakers is character. Great copy and strategy only have value when coupled with integrity and courage.

Stories have the power to transform lives and enroll audiences in living with a greater purpose. Tiffany is committed to raising the level of empowerment and contribution by equipping leaders to reach more people.

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Thank you Tiffany Berg, you are a wealth of knowledge and skill getting such stories out of people. Such a triumph getting to this stage. So grateful for your help!

Hannah Bjorkman Stauber

Jason Hewlett, Entertainer

You have certainly helped and influenced me greatly. I am so thankful for your influence in my life and career.

I hope you know how amazing you are. I love you so much! You are such an incredible gift in my life. God sends us everything we need if we listen and move forward with him. Thank you for being there for me as I give birth to my first book.

Andrea Jessop, Author