Hi, I'm Tiffany Berg!

Author, Speaker and Coach
Over eight years, the Utah Heart to Home team enlisted thousands of volunteers to provide trades, skilled man hours, and furnishings, built walls, and laid carpeting to bring struggling families home again. Using her media connections, organizations and individuals locked arms to make magic happen through donations alone. 
Tiffany recognized that every opportunity to speak was an opportunity to change lives. With this desire in 2007, Tiffany won the crown and title of Mrs. Utah, United States. That year Tiffany spoke throughout the state on the topic of addiction and recovery. She worked with civic leaders and lawmakers to empower moms suffering from addiction and mental illness. She sat on boards created to support those in the incarceration process to learn greater life skills and sobriety.
Sadly, in that same year, 2007, Tiffany's husband was diagnosed as terminal with throat and jaw cancer. Paul had been a great support to Tiffany's writing and speaking and philanthropy. Tiffany and her young children lost Paul in 2009 after 18 months of aggressive treatments. 
Following Paul's passing, Tiffany went back to full-time school in 2010 to become a certified clinical chaplain. Listening to families and individuals in the ER, ICU, and home hospice setting helped Tiffany deepen her understanding of suffering and courage. Tiffany became a top speaker in healthcare, hospice, and cancer support, as she developed grief empowerment content through online courses and webinars.
Tiffany was a featured speaker in multiple state-wide hospice and healthcare annual conferences, bringing passion and hope to difficult topics of loss and transition. Thousands of Tiffany's first children's book, "If Cancer Was A Fish I'd Throw It Back," have been given to children and families upon diagnosis as a resource on emotional healing. With the companion coloring book, Tiffany has worked with elementary school children to color out their difficult emotions. 
Over the years, Tiffany has been recognized for her charity work as well as her speaking. Named in the Utah Daily Herald as one of the 50 Fabulous People and awarded in Utah's Top 100 people to watch. Tiffany has been interviewed on Fox13, KUTV2, ABC4, and KSL5, in addition to Random Acts and the Turning Point documentary on BYU TV.
Aspiring authors and speakers have sought Tiffany's ability to develop strategy, media angles, create working copy and content, as well as media coaching and TV/radio preparation. Some of Tiffany's clients include speakers Clay Egan, Chad Hymas, Jason Hewlett, and author Rebecca Musser. 
Tiffany has mentored her clients on wardrobe, make-up, presentation, and on-stage choreography. Her clients have been seen on the BBC, Fox, and Dr. Phil. Tiffany has participated as an emcee to Utah's Dancing with The Stars charity event, beauty pageants, and corporate events.

Tiffany's focus when coaching authors and speakers is character. Great copy and strategy only have value when coupled with integrity and courage. Stories have the power to transform lives and enroll audiences in living with greater purpose. 

Tiffany is committed to raising the level of empowerment and contribution through equipping leaders to say it better, reach more people and do more GOOD.